February Couples Special

Spark some romance with our couples special In honor of Valentine’s Day this month. This service begins with being made comfortable in our treatment suite with a choice of libations and a sweet treat. Along with your sensual nosh, we will leave you for a few minutes to experience a choice of handcrafted aromatic massage oils. Please feel free to apply on each. Enjoy the aromas and your moment together as you sip, relax and prepare for your massage.


Dry Scrub Skin Polish & Mini Facial

Choose from 3 aromatic, custom blended 100% natural body polishes. First your body is lightly buffed then hydrated with the same chosen aroma of luxurious body milk. Once your body is smoothed and hydrated we move to your mini facial to equally refresh your face, to leave you glowing from head to toe. This special price is available until February 28

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