Aveda Trained

Our Aveda training has imparted to us a knowledge of the body and spirit and it healing functions.
Our commitment and passion is to then in turn, impart that to our guest. We would hope our time spent with our guests nurtures their spirit, soothes the body, revives their skin to leave them feeling refreshed and healed.

Aveda Trained

Regina Veedel / the owner

Regina Veedell was raised in New Jersey where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parsons/New School and went on to pursue a career as a designer in the tri-states area. With a passion for the arts, she moved to Florida and taught art for ten years. In her life experiences, she spent much time exploring alternative medicine for personal health. It was then her interests in energy and the healing arts evolved. She was inspired to study massage and skin care and become a leading massage therapist and esthetician, with licenses in both arts.


Regina enjoys using natural oils that nourish the skin. She has the gift of customizing blends using natural essentials to enhance her patrons’ experiences. She believes in hot stones and deep tissue techniques if she can determine it will benefit her client.


"It is my desire to offer custom skin, body, and wellness services to please each unique guest and ultimately achieve a whole body healing and relaxation experience."


Regina Veedell
Esthetician and Massage Therapist
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